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How Oscar is making digital health management a breeze

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Kayleigh Karutis
  •  Aug 30, 2017
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Health insurance is a complex industry, one full of not just logistical challenges, but fraught with emotional implications too. Creating digital experiences that make managing your health insurance not only easy, but enjoyable, is equally as complex—and a challenge the team at Oscar Health Insurance faces every day.

“What makes Oscar special is we are hyperfocused on getting the member’s experience right,” said Adam Karnas, senior manager of product design at Oscar.

Karnas’s team turned to InVision Enterprise to keep that customer focus while incorporating feedback from users, doctors, customer service experts, and the rest of Oscar’s 450 employees.

Bringing diverse feedback together

With about 450 employees located across the United States, gathering feedback on new design concepts was a bit of a mess.

“When I started in 2014, the first thing I did was get the team set up on InVision,” Karnas said. “Now, if you are at all involved in the product—from a customer service person learning how a feature works, a doctor looking at the product, and more— everything originates from InVision.”

“Before InVision, life was full of long design review meetings, static mockups, and complicated keynote presentations with lots and lots of text. Now, it’s ridiculously simple.”

“People don’t have a lot of time. Now they see that pink circle and they know what to do. The portability of InVision changed how we work.”

As Karnas’s team works on redesigning the entry points to the Oscar app, InVision has proved immensely valuable throughout the entire redesign process.

“Being able to share quickly and often, and get continuous feedback, is invaluable.”

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Eliminating confusion with automatic syncing

We’re doing user testing, building prototypes, testing things out. It’s all happening with InVision.”

When you have so many projects running concurrently, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring each stakeholder is looking at the latest and greatest is no small feat. InVision Sync, though, has made it possible.

We can easily share things with people and using Sync, make changes and have it populated globally. We can get updated designs out to stakeholders as quickly as possible. That is a huge win for us.

Beyond using Sync for individual projects, Karnas’s team manages all its iconography using Craft, InVision’s suite of plugins for Sketch and Photoshop. One small change to a single icon populates across the entire team’s asset library.

“We have a global set of icons that is always in flux, but with Sync, no one has to worry about having the wrong materials,” he said.

On the go, real-life testing with the InVision mobile app

Using Oscar’s digital products like real-life users would—that is, on the go—is important to make better design decisions, Karnas said. “The InVision mobile app has changed how I think about designing for mobile.”

“My favorite thing to do is build a prototype and then go walk outside and think about the interactions,” he said. “Most of my feedback comes from using the mobile app, because having it in my hands gives me that tactile feel, and I can leave comments and feedback directly within the app itself.”

Driving all product development with InVision Enterprise

While Karnas and his team considered other competitors early on, InVision has become such an integral, invaluable part of how they work, it doesn’t make sense to change.

Now, no matter who they are working with, Karnas’s team knows InVision will be easy to use and will keep the whole company moving quickly.

“People know how to use it—I can have a conversation with a doctor, share the design to his phone, and he knows exactly what to do,” he said.

“We’re constantly thinking about how to build faster, and with InVision, we can get feedback and move quickly. We aren’t comparing ourselves to insurers, we’re comparing ourselves to other tech companies. And that means speed.”

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