InVision Spaces: Bring sanity back to the collaboration process

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Sarah Whyte
  •  Mar 3, 2022
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Our recent visual collaboration analysis found that distributed, hybrid, and remote teams are feeling less connected to their colleagues than ever before, with the lowest common denominator being centralization, otherwise known as the elusive “single source of truth”. Teams of all shapes and sizes are facing a similar challenge – ensuring that a heroic effort isn’t needed to align multiple cross-functional stakeholders. 

Enter Spaces, InVision’s newest way to bring all your team’s work and workflows together in one place. Below, we cover the ways that Spaces solves three major challenges for stronger cross-functional collaboration: centralizing teamwork, recovering time lost to seeking the latest documents, and creating true alignment across any workflow from start to finish.

Challenge: How can teams get work done when information is spread across multiple workflows?

InVision has found that distributed workforces, regardless of whether they’re hybrid or remote, are often plagued by disconnected communications and time lost from a lack of version control across key documents.

According to InVision’s visual collaboration report, a majority of remote workers are suffering from a lack of meaningful interactions with colleagues and the miscommunications that can accompany those missed connections.

How Spaces addresses this challenge: All of your documents and links are (finally) in one place. Centralize documents and workflows from the start and give your team the ability to get large-scale collaborations in sync right away.


Challenge: How do I regain time lost to searching for documents?

InVision recently dove into negative consequences that constant context-switching and other digital distractions can have on teams to the tune of a 40% decrease in productivity. A single source of truth brings sanity back to the collaboration process — it gives teams the ability to get up to speed on complicated workflows, while minimizing the time it takes to find and update documents that require your ownership or co-ownership.

How Spaces addresses this challenge: In Spaces, external documents and links aren’t just visible in their informative glory, but they can be organized by sections making it easier to find documents in all of your co-owned workflows. Collaborators can easily flip between documents within InVision, reducing switching and minimizing browser tab overload.


Challenge: How do I make sure I’m up-to-date on project progress to get the answers I need quickly?

InVision’s recent guide to online whiteboarding for product managers honed in on the importance of alignment on the journey to execution. This isn’t singularly a product management problem — the ability to align multiple teams and individual stakeholders can directly impact the ability to execute workflows on time. 

How Spaces addresses this challenge: There’s no need to increase the risk of delays to mission critical workflows — a Spaces Overview ensures everyone understands what they need to do right away. Overviews can also vastly reduce the chance of miscommunications along the way via status updates, making it easier to work with teams across teams and time zones.


A single source of truth for your team, meeting them where they work, regardless of where they work.

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