How AIB met new security requirements with InVision

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  • 9,520


  • Dublin, Ireland


  • Financial services

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is one of the largest retail and commercial banks in Ireland, servicing more than two million customers, including over one million on both mobile and internet banking platforms.

AIB’s mobile app is one of the most popular in Ireland, with more than one million daily users across the country. In 2018 alone, the app saw over 325 million interactions, with customers using it an average of 36 times per month.


Since joining InVision in 2018, AIB has 150 active InVision users and collaborates with InVision Enterprise, including Freehand, Prototype, Inspect, Design System Manager, and Craft.

Mobile and internet customers
User testing with InVision prototypes
Online customers who signed up for the new login process within the first two weeks after launch


In 2019, AIB embarked on one of the bank’s largest and most important redesigns to comply with a new European Union banking regulation, PSD2. Aiming to make online payments more secure, PSD2 mandated Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

To meet this new security requirement, AIB needed to completely rethink their login system for all of their personal internet and mobile channels using two-factor authentication. Not only did the login system need to be as frictionless and easy-to-use as possible, but it also had to serve a user base with wildly different needs, ranging from the tech savvy to those who have never used a mobile phone before. All users had to be brought through the customer journey in the exact same way. And the timeline on the project was super quick, too. AIB became compliant in just seven months.

To meet the September 2019 deadline, cross-functional disciplines across the organization, including designers, developers, project managers, lawyers, and key business stakeholders needed to collaborate quickly and closely.


Prototype and Inspect were instrumental to the design of the new login screens, which would allow customers to seamlessly and securely access their mobile banking.

Prototype: Everything you need to create experiences that look and feel real, without any code

The design team was tasked with creating new flows and screens for both the customer mobile and internet login journeys, all of which needed to be shared and reviewed internally across the organization. Throughout the project, designs were iterated and tested with over 150 unique individual customers (equaling an estimated 30 days, or 112 hours of customer testing). 

AIB's Double Diamond

The AIB team used prototypes extensively to design and test screens with customers, all within a tight timeline. Being able to update the design in response to customer feedback in real time resulted in a fast user testing loop.

Prototypes were also used for design, stakeholder sign off, and development in Ireland and India.

With InVision prototypes, we were able to design and test screens, and make changes on the fly as we got feedback, allowing us to get them back in front of customers quickly and easily.

Philip Dwyer

Experience Design Lead, AIB

Inspect: Go from design to code fast

Collaborating with developers while sitting side-by-side may be an effective and efficient way to work, but that's not always possible — especially when partnering with off-shore developers.

AIB used Inspect to empower cross-functional teams working on the PSD2 redesign. Their developers relied on Inspect to access design specs—measurements, colors, font styles, code snippets, assets, and more—without having to search in a separate design program. This helped reduce friction and enabled a more connected workflow between developers and designers, many of whom were working across continents. Not only that, cost and time savings on designer to developer collaboration from using Inspect improved AIB’s bottom line.

AIB's new login system is frictionless and easy-to-use


AIB successfully met the deadline to comply with PSD2 regulations. In the first two weeks after the launch of their redesign, over 600,000 customers signed up for the new two-factor authentication app.

Prototype and Inspect helped deliver AIB’s redesign faster, and significantly sped up the feedback loop across EPD, customers, and stakeholders.

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