How Priceline improved design and dev collaboration with InVision

Company size

  • 1,000


  • Norwalk, Connecticut


  • Travel

Priceline is one of several globally-recognized travel and hospitality brands that are part of the Booking Holdings portfolio. To ensure customers have a consistently positive experience across digital properties, the company’s leadership made it a priority for teams to more easily collaborate–a challenging task given the global scope of the business.

The Priceline team turned to their design system, built with InVision Design System Manager, as a cross-functional communication tool, seamlessly connecting all touch points for design, product and engineering across the business.


Since 2014, Priceline has 275 active users and is using InVision Enterprise, including: Craft, Freehand, Design System Manager, Prototype, and Inspect.


The full-stack product team at Priceline lacked a common language or robust system to support effective communication and collaboration. This often led to inefficient workflows between designers, product managers, front-end engineers, and back-end engineers.

Their existing design system failed to solve these challenges. Without a commonly accepted definition of the system, it became an unwieldy list of UI kits with everyone contributing in different ways. And these issues were felt acutely by new employees—unsure of the right button to use or the accepted vernacular, they had to juggle learning the company’s product architecture and UI while settling into a new job at a new company.


The team turned to InVision DSM to help build a mature system with structure and patterns that reflected Priceline's unique aesthetic look and feel, while also providing a scalable way to mature their products (and grow their teams) over time.


With DSM, all touch points for design, product and engineering across the company are harmoniously connected. This has significantly improved collaboration and communication across brands and functions at Booking Holdings, leading to increased velocity at scale.

The team can more quickly adapt to new features and to unforeseen changes in the product experience. In the case of COVID-19, the team needed to update banners, messaging and features to ensure travelers felt confident again. InVision DSM allowed them to do so quickly and at scale across touch points.

Priceline has also committed to ensuring products are accessible to all audiences. Their new design system, built with InVision DSM, has ensured accessibility updates roll out quickly across the end-to-end product experiences by simply updating to the latest version of the system.

InVision DSM is the number one tool I use to communicate quickly between both my design team and our developer partners. Having a design system in place also allows us to hyper-focus on the product and customer experience, which is essential for success in the travel space.

Wesley Martin

Creative Operations Manager, Priceline

Collaboration across teams has drastically improved with InVision DSM, leading to a deeper focus on overall customer experience. The ability to link designs and Inspect to existing Storybook components ensures designers are never building a new component that already exists. Instead of asking themselves “Is this the right button? Is it used correctly? Is it accessible?” they can focus on product innovations that improve overall customer experience.

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