How WPP partnered with InVision to scale creativity

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  • 100,000


  • London, United Kingdom


  • Professional services
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  • Public relations

As a global creative transformation company, WPP has some of the best-known creative agencies in its portfolio, brands like Wunderman Thompson, VMLY&R, and Ogilvy.

Digital transformation and design thinking capabilities have long been priorities for WPP. With over 100,000 employees across the globe and a client base similarly dispersed, the company required a tech platform to harness the collective intelligence and creativity of their business.


Since 2020, WPP has partnered with InVision and leveraged the entire Enterprise platform including Craft, Boards, Freehand, Prototype, Inspect, and Design System Manager

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WPP has partnered with InVision to enable transparent co-creation and collaboration throughout the creative design and development process. Viewed as the connective tissue between their agencies and client teams, InVision has enabled WPP to scale.

When COVID-19 hit, the company’s agencies leveraged their InVision partnership to seamlessly shift all projects remotely, continuing to create compelling experiences for their clients without missing a beat. This included a 2-day remote workshop which yielded 112 creative concepts (vs the typical 60) in half the time.

We chose InVision because they’ve done a phenomenal job of building out collaboration capabilities within their digital product design platform. There are other companies that enable the creation of digital products but not as elegant with collaboration. Enabling collaboration is the magic.

Sanja Partalo

Executive Vice President, WPP


As part of a major brand repositioning for Aquafresh toothpaste, the London-based team at Wunderman Thompson (WT) organized a series of week-long meetings in their New York offices to collaborate in person with the client.

When the COVID-19 shutdown forced them to revise their plans, the WT team weighed two options–cancel the meetings altogether and delay progress on client deliverables, or find a way to conduct them virtually.


With the InVision partnership already in place, the WT team was able to seamlessly pivot to a remote solution using the InVision platform.

Freehand allowed the teams to easily collaborate in real time, despite sitting in different locations and time zones. The tool’s intuitive and inclusive design also meant that no background or training was required. Everyone was able to contribute, leading to a higher quality and quantity of creative ideas.

The team used Freehand to brainstorm 112 creative concepts in just two days


Over two-dozen specialists from WT and Aquafresh were able to collaborate on the project, completing the work in about half the time initially scheduled. And without all the costly travel expenses.

Thanks to their partnership with InVision, WPP has been able to increase the rate of ideation, collaboration and co-creation of digital products between the agency and its clients.

InVision makes what we do better. It is a partnership that enables us to produce faster, create more compelling experiences, enable collective intelligence, and co-creation. It’s an enabler.

Sanja Partalo

Executive Vice President, WPP

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